An Alternative to The Boring Clothes Rod

Hi everyone! As you know, for the last two weeks I've been working on my laundry room. Longest two weeks ever. But I am finally at the end of the tunnel. Before I write the super long post about the complete remodel I thought I'd share one of my favorite parts of the redo - my new clothes hanging station. 

When I decided to take out the shelf on the back wall in place of built in cabinets, I knew I would lose the clothes rod. Honestly, that was fine with me because I rarely used it. And although I rarely use it, that didn't mean I never used it. I played around with a few ideas before finally coming up with my final idea.  

Note: Because of the size of my laundry room and the terrible lighting, I had to use my iPhone. I apologize for the low quality photos, but my "big" camera struggled to take decent shots. 

So what is it? It's a piece of the pallet wood from the endless pallets I have in the garage (being an importer means I have LOTS of pallets) spray painted and adorned with these cute knobs from Hobby Lobby. I have to say that the reason this works was because I had a bit of wall space and was lucky enough to have three studs that ran the length of the wood. Before attempting this project, make sure you have studs to secure the wood to so it can handle the weight of laundry. 

First things first, I marked the studs and then hammered a nail in (just to make sure my stud finder was accurate).

I hammered nails in to mark the studs.

I hammered nails in to mark the studs.

Next I lined up the wood piece to the studs and marked the stud locations on the wood. 

With my stud locations marked I decided on where to place the knobs. I marked where I wanted them and used a 3/16 drill to make a hole for the knob to screw into.

Then I just simply screwed the knob into the wood. The screw ended up being a bit too long but I decided not to cut it so it would push into the sheetrock as an added anchor. If you don't want the screw going into the sheetrock, you can cut it down. 

After adding the knob, I attached the wood piece to the wall with self-drilling screws, patched and painted the hole and voila! I had a place to hang my clothes when needed.


I did two different pieces to give me plenty of space. Each knob can hold 5 pieces of clothing so it's plenty of space for us. And I love the pop of color that the blue brings to the laundry room.

I'm waiting until I receive my light kit to do the final shots of the room. Well, that and I have to take my camera in to get worked on. It doesn't seem to want to work correctly ever since returning from my sister's house (ugh...). I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!