Divide and Conquer - The One Room Challenge (Week 2)

Today is my 2 week post about the office makeover. If I'm being completely honest, I didn't do much in the way of design this week because my focus was on going through everything and removing what I don't need. The Europeans send paper copies of everything and I used to keep all of the invoices they sent me (just in case) but since I have electronic copies for everything, I don't need them. I trashed those.

While cleaning I found a letter from the DPS. Apparently someone had dropped it on my desk and guess what? Apparently a ticket that was dismissed years ago popped up in the system as a failure to appear and I can't renew my license until it's resolved. So yeah, I have two weeks to drag up the dismissal stuff, have the attorney  submit it to the court and have the court clear it. So glad they waited until a month before my birthday to tell me. Since my hubs is a police officer, if it doesn't get resolved, he won't let me drive. That should be fun. :-(

So I'm going to say that if nothing else, this week was a success for that reason! Could you imagine if I hadn't found that!?! 

As far as pics, the only one I have to share is of the mess.

This was the dividing and conquering. I moved everything out of my office except the big bookshelves so I could sort through everything and paint. Today I will be finishing up the paint and working on the next phase - the ceiling and trim. Eeeeek! I'm so excited!