Pinterest Round-Up: Interesting Wainscoting Ideas

Note: I just finished my latest wainscoting project in the bathroom. Check it out here

I am a huge fan of wainscoting. Heck, who am I kidding - I am a huge fan of all trim. Trim is a quick and easy way to add instant character to any home. In my foyer, for example. Look at the difference a little bit of picture frame moulding made: 

Before: no moulding

After: With picture frame moulding

Changing the paint color definitely helped, but the trim is what makes this space. But what if you don't like picture frame moulding or the ever-so-popular board and batten (gasp!). What if you want something a bit different? I took to Pinterest and found XX interesting wainscoting styles for those of you who are looking for something a little different.

For those who are in love with shiplap (tongue and groove), I found quite a few interesting takes on the traditional shiplap wainscoting.

This one, from The Space Between, adds a nautical flair by incorporating rope into the design. 

I love the different depths of the planks created by Amy's Casablanca. It creates dimension and makes the overall design 3-D.

Be.Love.Create went one step beyond and not only added depth, but varied the widths of the boards.

Via PInterest

Via PInterest

But lets say that shiplap and paneling isn't your thing. Perhaps you love the classic look of lattice or trellis. This beautiful wainscoting from was made using lattice found at just about any home improvement store.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Similar to lattice, the trellis design from Watch Me Daddy gives your wainscoting a garden feel.

Think lattice and trellis should stay outside where they belong? How about something a little more geometric. 

This diamond pattern from This Old House is classically beautiful.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

A classic design (source unknown).

A true geometric design (original source unknown):

And I just love this from From My Door.

And who can forget herringbone!!! This herringbone wainscoting from Maison Classique is so unexpected!

Oh! Did I mention I found pallet wainscoting?! One Home Made decided to take the pallet trend in a different direction - using it for wainscoting!

Via  Pinterest

While Haba's Houses of Holland created a skyline wainscoting. How cool is that?

Wood not your thing? Check out this beautiful pressed tin wainscoting (original source unknown).

Galvanized metal adds a rustic touch (original source unknown).

This Old House uses Lincrusta to create a Victorian feel in homes.

So what do you think? Did any of these designs inspire you to try something a bit different the next time you decide to add wainscoting? Looking for more, follow our Interesting Wainscoting where I will continue to add unique ideas.

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