Rozy Tip: Easily Remove Stain From Your Hands

So you've been staining and at the end of it all your hands look like this:

Maybe they look like that because you used the wrong gloves. Maybe they look like that because, like me, you realized the gloves were just getting in the way. Whatever the reason, you are stuck with stain all over your hands. Luckily, there is an easy fix. You know those Palmolive commercials when they talk about how tough they are on grease? Yeah, they are speaking the truth.

My magic stain cleaning weapons

My magic stain cleaning weapons

All you have to do is grab a loofah or sponge, apply a liberal amount of Palmolive on your hands and voila! Clean hands!

How easy was that? I just took the Palmolive and brush into the shower with me and in minutes, the stain was off. The best part? It doesn't dry your hands out - in fact, it's kind of like a little exfoliation for your hands. So there you have it, a quick tip for removing stain from your hands!