The Bathroom of My Dreams

Black and White bathroom

I have a confession - I am a bathaholic. There are few things I enjoy more than soaking in a tub at the end of the day (after the kids have gone to bed and the house has those few precious moments of peace and quiet). When we toured our house three years ago one of the first things I said was "babe, we are going to have to gut this bathroom." You see, we had play money - money that we could use for remodeling the home.  And although there was a bit of work to be done I thought we could surely squeeze all of the changes in with our budget. I was wrong. Between floors, kitchen and stairs our budget was gone. So for now, I was stuck with this:

The tile detail around the tub
Black beauty (the ginormous jetted tub)
My vanity
The hubs' vanity
Shower (with door open)
The shower enslosure
The tile detail on the floor

I know, I know... it wasn't terrible. Problem is, it wasn't all that great either. So, for the last three years I've soaked in Black Beauty and dreamt of my dream bath. And then I discovered Pinterest. For years I've been pinning everything that I thought made up my dream bath. I knew I wanted an elegant black and white bath. Something along the lines of this:


The only thing I had left to do was actually remodel the bath. I don't know if you have ever looked into it, but bathroom remodels are expensive. I thought maybe I could DIY it since I've remodeled a bath before. But between kids, finishing up my college education and work I just didn't think I had it in me. But again, bathroom remodels are expensive. Alas, this remodel just wasn't in the cards... or was it?

Through a few fortuitous events, I was able to finally budget in a new bathroom! I absolutely could not contain my excitement!!! I've been dreaming of this bath for three years and the time had finally come to tackle it. Thanks to all of those pins, I knew exactly what I wanted and was ready to go. I called my handy general contractor (who has done a ton of work on the house already) and scheduled a time for demo. Check out the next post to see what happened next.