The Other Project Is Getting There

I had a plan when I woke up this morning. I was going to finish the board and batten in the entry way. I brewed a cup of coffee and got to work around 8:30. I knocked out the back wall in about 15 minutes. I knocked the back wall out fairly quickly.

I had the foresight to have the panels precut for me at Lowe's. That saved a ton of time... kind of. Once I got to the stairs I realized that the precut panels wouldn't work once I cut the angles. Sigh.... a sheet of plywood wasted? No! My "frugal" side wouldn't let that happen. I decided to just use what I had and make it work. A mere six hours later (yes, six hours!!!) this is what I had:

Six hours later...

It took so long cutting all of those panels. I finally had to stop working on it because I was making a lot of silly mistakes - the kinds of mistakes you make when you are tired of doing something. Tomorrow I'm going to caulk and prep the wood. The plan is to tackle the rest of it next weekend. I could easily finish it tomorrow, but I ran out of trim (thanks to the silly mistakes) and don't feel like going to Lowe's tomorrow. I figure another week won't hurt anything, right? :-)