Time To Finish The Master Bedroom

I have a confession to make - I listed my house for sale 2 weeks ago. I fell in love with a house I showed my clients and convinced myself (and family) we needed to move. I got to work wrapping up projects so we could list it. Everything was finished, we took pics and put it on the market. The first 2 showings received incredible feedback from the buyers and both were interested in buying it. Instead of getting excited, I felt a little bummed. As the days went by, I went out to the new home several times. The more I went, the less I liked it. I started measuring rooms and realized they weren't any bigger. I realized the breakfast area was pretty much unusable because of the layout and the dining room was wasted too. The bathroom at the new house was nice, but mine was better - with the freestanding tub and dual-shower. And then there is our view. Although the new house was across the street from the lake, it just wasn't nearly as nice. So, I took it off the market. And I'm glad I did.

Although it was a whirlwind, we did finish projects I've been wanting to knock out for a while. For example - the master bedroom. The master bedroom was the one room I had barely touched. Seriously, look how sad it was:

Yes, it's terrible. I admit it. I have worked like a dog to make this house amazing but never finished the master. Figures right?

The first thing I did was rip out the only carpet in the house. Why I put carpet in the bedroom is beyond me. I think I wanted something soft but ugh. I hated the carpet. I carried the wood into the bedroom and ended up with this:

Still really blah but hey! No more carpet!

The other thing I wrapped up was the fireplace. That tile was from my "modern" phase. I decided to go with the same look as the flip house and ended up with this:

Better, right?

And that's where I'm at for now. I ordered a new fan and am painting my tea tables (finally). I also ordered new bedding. I'm slowly getting there and excited to get my bedroom looking as good as the rest of the house. Until then...