Travel, Design and 3 Foot Tall Planters

Note: I started this post 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks. I need a clone!!!

I know, I know. You are thinking "Where is your powder room reveal???" It's coming, I promise. I got to a part that I need the hubs help on and between my trip and his work schedule we just haven't gotten to it. That part? Adding the new light. I had planned on using the one I had but my mom has this AMAZING light she got in Italy that she hasn't used and I talked her into letting me have it. Well, it's really heavy so I need to add blocking behind it so it won't fall off the wall - which mean I need to cut open the sheetrock to add the blocking. See, it's a good reason to be delayed. Besides, I'm a part-time blogger (which means I have a full-time job) and that full-time job has been crazy busy lately. But it's coming soon. Pinky promise.


First things first - let's talk travel. The trip was awesome! Paris, and most of Europe, was experiencing a heat wave. Now being from Texas, I'm used to hot but let me tell you - it was HOT. Mainly because I picked an apartment that, unbeknownst to me, had no A/C. Heat wave + no A/C = cranky travelers. But it's all good. After all, this was the view from our living area.

Ok seriously - that it made the lack of A/C much more bearable! Since we love travel so much, we still had a good time for the couple of days in Paris. We saw the sites and my daughter wanted me to take pics of ideas for our house. Her favorite?

She wants these floors from the Louvre in our house! That's my girl!

After Paris, we took the Chunnel over to London. My impression of London? It's so.darn.clean. If Paris were as clean as London it would be heaven on Earth (for me, at least). We saw all the typical sites. Here's a little collage via my Instagram account:

After a couple of days there, we headed to Scotland and then Ireland. I love Scotland. I went when I was a kid (we did London and Scotland) and I remember loving it as a kid - and I loved it still as an adult. It's so beautiful, the people are so nice and the salmon is amazing (I have a smoked salmon obsession). Ireland was awesome too! I loved the people and the country is gorgeous! Sadly, my longing to run into Kit Harrington was a failure. Apparently I should have gone to Belfast! For those of you who don't follow GOT, here are a few pics from the other highlights in Ireland:

It really was a wonderful trip! My daughter really enjoyed the "mom and daughter without brother" time. It was nice to be able to give her my undivided attention and making great memories. I feel truly blessed.


For those who have followed along you know that I have a new job working for a construction company. I am coordinating projects and doing design. I.LOVE.IT. I feel like I'm finally following my dreams and it has been a blast. A LOT of work, but a blast. I spend my days creating 3 D models, selecting paint, flooring and such and I couldn't be happier. I also couldn't be busier. That is why you guys haven't heard much from me lately. I used to have time during the week to work on the house but those days are gone. When the weekend rolls around, I seem to be cleaning and/or gardening. But I'm getting caught up! I've got one more trip planned next week and then I should be able to wrap up some projects. Woot woot!


And finally, although I've been busy, I found a way to carve out time to create a tutorial for Cass and her crew at Remodelaholic. While in Paris, I found these awesome planters outside a hotel:

They were three feet tall and AWESOME! I put together some plans over at Remodelaholic and will be building these for my clients next month. I can't wait!

So, that's it in a nutshell. Things are crazy busy but I love it! Hopefully I will have an update on the rest of the stuff around here soon. Until then....