Easy (and Inexpensive) Cabinet Updates: Making Kitchen Cabinets Look Like Furniture

Today is day 4 of our Easy (and Inexpensive) Cabinet Updates where I share the 4 tricks I used to make my builder grade cabinets look custom (for around $100 total).

For our last quick and easy trick, we are going to make our kitchen cabinets look like furniture. I'm sure you've seen the countless cabinets with beautiful designs at the bottom on the cabinets. One of my favorites is the beautiful toe kick made by The Sawdust Girl herself, Sandra (check it out here). The thing is, I'm kind of lazy when it comes to hand cutting designs. Truth be told, the new counters have eaten up so much of my life that, quite frankly, I'm getting a little beat down with all of it. So when it came to the final touch on my cabinets I wanted easy. Problem was, I wasn't sure exactly what to do. And then I went to Home Depot. 

I don't know about all of you, but I walk around Home Depot and Lowe's sometimes just waiting for something to jump out at me. Sometimes I get lucky other times, not so much. Luckily, the day I was working on the cabinets I got lucky. I was buying cabinet trim for the drawers when I saw furniture legs. I looked at them and said (aloud) "well d'uh Jill". I picked up 8 legs I thought would work and headed home.

6 inch traditional leg from  Home Depot.

6 inch traditional leg from Home Depot.

I knew they were a little taller than I needed, but they looked like the right depth.

When I got home, I measured the height of the cabinets and then cut the legs to that exact height. I did this so I would have to tap them in with a mallet - creating a snug fit. Before tapping them in I simply primed and painted them and that was it. How is that for easy? And look at the difference it made!



I think it's important to add that the toe kick area is black from when the cabinets were painted black. I decided to leave it dark because it creates the illusion of the cabinets floating. Once you add the feet, it really gives the feel of freestanding furniture to the kitchen cabinets. 

This project was another quickie. Painting took the most time (30 minutes for drying in between coats) so all-in-all, it took an hour to do the project. The cost was around $25 for 8 legs. 

Although I wasn't sure if I would like it, I'm pretty happy with the final result. I love the look of furniture in the kitchen and for less than $30 it was a great addition.