Let's Talk Shop(ping)

Man, what a week! The kids are gone (with grandparents and the like) so I've been working like crazy to get this kitchen finished. I will be so glad when that one is over. Sigh...

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there is a SHOP tab that popped up this week on the main navigation. I've been meaning to add it for a while but just haven't had the time. So what is it?

For those who don't know, last year I started a home furnishings business. Basically, after all of the remodeling, it was time to decorate. Unfortunately, everything I found while shopping was just the same old thing that's been around forever. Add to that most of it was made in China and I just thought "there has to be something better." I did a little research and in January of last year I went to the international home market in Paris. While there I met with a ton of vendors. And you know what surprised me the most? Most of them had their stuff made in China also! What the heck???

For 3 days I weeded through the vendors until I found ones that made their items in country, whose quality was amazing and whose items were reasonably priced. Let me tell you, that was not an easy task. 

Valilla Pillow Covers

I finally settled on a few that I loved. One is Vallila from Helsinki, Finland. I love them. I love their design, their quality but, most of all, their people. They are so insanely awesome! They take great pride in what they produce and are wonderful to work with.

The other is Vivaraise. I fell in love with their Maia throw. It's 100% cotton (who knew people still made things out of 100% cotton???) but not only that - it's Portuguese cotton! If you don't know about Portuguese cotton, google it. You will see why I love it so much. And the kicker... their throws are as big as a twin size bed. So basically, when the hubs is on one end of the couch and I am on the other, we can use one blanket (easily). Oh... and it's machine washable!

Maia throws from Vivaraise

Maia throws from Vivaraise

I also work with Sabre for dinnerware and flatware. It's a little pricey but the quality? It's amazing! Then there is Quagliotti Italian linens. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? You have no idea. I have people who tell me they can't wait to go to bed just to sleep on the sheets! I know it was a splurge for us too but they are heavenly!

So back to the Rozy home. I have added items from my import business directly to The Rozy Home. I have discounted them a bit and will rotate stock. For those who want to see my full selection, you can check out Du Monde Furnishings.

Now don't worry, I won't be sending you guys a ton of emails about the business. This is my one time mentioning it. I don't like being pressured to buy stuff from bloggers so I will afford you the same courtesy. However, for those of you on my email list, I have set up a coupon for 15% off that will run through next Friday. The only people who know about this are those who have subscribed to receive email updates (and people who stumble across this post). Simply add the coupon code ROZY at checkout and you will be getting one heck of a deal on already discounted merchandise. After this post, I promise there won't be others about the shop. :-)

The items listed are only sold through me in the U.S. and in limited quantities - which means the chance of someone else in your town (or even state) having the same thing is next to impossible. Y'all know I like to be different and I wanted to give others a chance to feel like they have unique home decor. I'd love to have your input on the store so please feel free to leave feedback.