The Bathroom Reveal: 2 years later

Before I became a blogger I would visit my favorite blogs and marvel over the transformations. I always wondered, though, how it looked years later. Do they still like their choices? Does it look different now that "real life" has hit it? Did they make changes? With that in mind, I thought I would do an update on my first huge reno - the master bath. For those who might not have seen the before, here it is:

Now y'all know I love black but that was too much black! That bathtub was HUGE but terrible to clean. The shower drove me crazy with it's odd little half wall and the same ugly, cheap tile that ran through the entire house carried on into the bathroom. 

It took me 3 years to figure out what I wanted and it looked like this after the remodel:

And now, two years later...

Without lights

Without lights

So what's different? Not much, really. I changed the door knobs on the vanity to crystal knobs that match those on the doors.

I also replaced the cheap Home Goods black mirrors (which photographed nicely, but were cheapy plastic "wood") with nicer mirrors. I also added towel holders and moved the robe hooks to a location that made more sense. The biggest change, though, was the crown moulding. Check out the difference:

Now granted, the top pic was cut off put I promise that was the top edge of the ceiling (I shot it that way because it looked so unfinished without the crown).

The other thing I did was paint it. The original color felt a little cold and I wanted to warm up the space a bit. The new color is 200%  SW Light French Gray I had my local SW mix for me. The only thing left? I have yet to hang the full length mirror I bought (you can see it under the robe hook on the right side of the room).

So there you have it - two years later. As you can see, I haven't changed much. And yes, that is because I love it! I took my time remodeling this space and although I saved a ton of money in the materials I bought by shopping it out, I still spent a good chunk of change. This is our forever house which means this is my forever bathroom - and I wanted exactly the way I wanted it. Period. What does the hubs think about the girly space? He doesn't care. He said that bathroom is my domain so I could do whatever I wanted. Such a good man!

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