The Flipping Files: Week 1(ish)

Hi all! We just wrapped our first official week at the flip - kind of. The previous owner did not move out until Thursday (the 17th) so we couldn't do all that much this week. Of course, that doesn't mean we didn't do anything.

Last weekend we had a bit of demo done. The main bathroom was taken down to the studs and the secondary bath demo was started. We also took out most of the closet in the master bedroom.

I headed up to the house on Monday to help the previous owner get packed. Tuesday, friends and family came over and we did our favorite thing... DEMO! We worked on the kitchen because I desperately wanted to see the footprint of the space.

So leave it to me to have goggles on but sitting on top of my head and not over my eyes. SMH. I realized pretty quickly I had done that and put them back on (the right way). My cousin and I worked on the cabinets (which took no time) and then my our cousin, Paul, showed up and went to town:

Of course he did a lot of demo and NO clean-up. Smart man.

The biggest improvement, though, was the exterior. When I showed up Tuesday our landscaper, Peet, was there.`

He was working on taking the fence down, and going after those ridiculous vines. After working all week, he took the front yard from this:

To this:





Peet took down the fence (which is the same wood as the siding and will be used to repair any damaged siding) and took down old trees that were on their last leg (and a pecan tree we didn't want gone, but what are you going to do?).  Now the cool roof line can be seen and the atrium area is a blank slate. Our plan is to add a horizontal slat wood fence to the front so you can see the roof line and atrium while maintaining privacy. As for the wood, I'm trying to decide which paint scheme would work best. I've spent WAY too much time online looking for ideas. I found these great photos on Pinterest and they are my top contenders:

Which do you like? I asked the hubs and he said white... because of the red door. Ah, the logic of men.

I have a feeling this is much progress as we will have for a bit. Since next week is Christmas, all that will be done is the remaining demo of the second bath and removing the carpet. Our first two-three weeks will be slower than preferred but that's what happens when you flip during the holidays.

That's it for now! I'm hoping to have more pics for you in the next week but, realistically, there probably won't be much until after the new year. Until then...