Lots of Fun Things Today

Shower pan float work

Today has been a fun day (of course, it doesn't take much to excite me when it comes to home improvement). The first bit of good news came in the way of the beginning of my shower pan. The guy came out today to float the pan in preparation for the fiberglass pan.

Later in the afternoon I received my new sinks and floor mount tub filler for the freestanding tub. The tub filler is beautiful. I was a little nervous because I ordered it through Costco but it was worth the risk! Not only did it come in hundreds of dollars cheaper than the cheapest fillers I found, but it is well made and absolutely gorgeous. The only downer in the delivery was the sinks. Even though they were listed as above counter sinks, they were, in actuality, semi-recessed. It's not a huge deal - it just means that I'm going to lose the top drawers of my vanity to account for the part of the bowl that is recessed. On top of that, I'm going to lose most of the bottom drawer to account for the water connections. It's not the end of the world because all I really need space for are the essentials - toothbrush, hair dryer etc. Besides... the Hubs uses almost no drawer space so I can steal some of his!

The last fun part of today involves putting up the wainscoting in the entry way. I only did a little bit, but I'm starting to see it come together. I figured out what to do with the front door to account for the height difference between the windows and the door. Tomorrow I have to head out to Lowe's to pick up additional header board and should be able to finish out the windows and main wall trim. Woo hoo! I love progress!

Today's wainscoting working. Sorry for the dark photos but it's a dreary day.