The Other Project

Entry before

Believe it or not, the bathroom isn't the only project going on at the Rose house. I decided in December to finish up my entry way. I needed to paint the closet doors and put up some shades and then I could call it a day. Oh if only things were that easy. The problem is I've become obsessed with wainscoting. I've always loved it I just wasn't sure if I could make it work. I've toyed with the idea for about a year but finally decided to pull the trigger and do it. Here is how the entryway looked after a I painted it:

That's actually just one half of the entry but enough to give you the idea.

The first thing I did was take off the old baseboards. Then I got to work on the window stoop. I decided to frame the windows out like the door. After an hour this is what I was left with:

Entry after first day

The plan is to take the framing all the way up, but I have to order a arch trim out so I'm waiting until I get that to do the uppers. Tomorrow I will frame out the other window and then figure out what to do about the front door. The door sits about an inch below the windows so the headers won't line up and that's probably going to drive me crazy. I'm also trying to decide if I want to extend the header a bit longer over the windows (instead of having it sit between the two vertical pieces). Because of all this indecision, I only hammered in three nails to hold it place so I can figure out what I want over the next few days. Since school is back in for me and we are busy at work I only have about an hour a day I can commit to working on this. The good thing is that allows me time to decide the best way trim everything out. Wish me luck!