We Are Making Progress....Somewhat

Bathroom Shower

I'm happy to report that the sheetrock work has been completed - kind of. John came out and built up the wall and repaired the sheetrock. Later in the afternoon his texture guy came out and did his thing. By around 10 pm he was finished and I was glad it was over. I ran into the bathroom to check it out and saw this:

Now don't get me wrong - I was incredibly excited by what I saw but if you look to the entry on the left the panel gets smaller as it goes up. I shot John a text and told him that my OCD will not allow me to look at that the rest of my life (because this is our forever house). He said he'd come out and look at it later today to check it out.

I spent most of the day running around with the entire family picking up materials for the tiling work next week (the marble, grout, mortar, etc...). Afterwards my daughter and I went to the store while the Hubs and our son went home. While at the store John called and said he'd come and checked everything out and it was "terrible. We have to redo it." I have found that when you have borderline OCD the best thing you can do when hiring a GC is to find one that is just as AR as you are. John is that guy. I didn't have to explain what the problem was and didn't even mention that the right side was a little off too - he brought that up on his own. So tomorrow afternoon he and his texture guy are going to come out and fix the seams so I don't have to look at a crooked wall. Phew...

The good thing, though, is we have made progress. Here are the side-by-side comparisons of the before and after.

The Hubs/tub area before
The Hubs/tub area after sheetrock repair
My area before
My area before after sheetrock repairs
The shower area before
The shower area after sheetrock repair

Progress is good and I'm excited to see things starting to come together. I grabbed a few paint samples today to try out in the bathroom and will post pics soon of the finalists! Until then....